Attendees wrote to express their appreciation for the Oregon Law & Mental Health Conference.

“I work in health care and it was very interesting to see the legal and community aspects of care for this population.”

“The keynote speaker and lunch were amazing.”

“I enjoyed and appreciated the variety of richness of the topics offered, and the speakers were dynamic and informative. I learned a great deal.”

“Diverse array of subjects discussed at panels, plenty of experts in their fields providing valuable information.”

“The topics were very interesting and applicable to my work. The space was comfortable and easy to get to. The keynote speaker was excellent.”

“Best balance of Criminal Justice and Mental Health Clinicians that I have seen after many conferences on the need for more collaboration.”

“The presenters were excellent, not only in their expertise on the topic and issues, but also in their ability to present information in a clear and interesting way.”

“I really appreciated the wide variety of topics discussed. It was really hard to choose as I was equally interested in multiple subject presented. The speakers were well prepared and well informed. I also appreciated the wide variety of backgrounds represented in the audience which generated good questions and discussions after the presentations.”