Submit a Session

Would you like to propose a session, workshop or keynote address to the next Oregon Law & Mental Health Conference?

Please fill out this brief online form. Deadline for submission is August 15.

Proposals should be suitable for a professional audience receiving continuing educational credits through the American Psychological Association or the Oregon State Bar Association. If our program committee accepts your proposal, they’ll contact you for additional information.

Subjects of particular interest include –

  • Washington v. Harper and Riggins v. Nevada
  • Jail inreach programs
  • Mental health courts with over 100 active clients
  • Guardianship / pooled trusts / special needs trusts / conservatorship
  • Personality disorders and civic leadership
  • Peer delivered services for civilly committed persons
  • The history of mental illness in Oregon
  • Recovery in prison
  • The district attorney’s perspective – ethics in prosecution of persons with mental illness
  • Mental illness and the death penalty
  • Representative payee programs
  • Outpatient restoration to competency programs
  • The civil rights of the homeless
  • Alternatives to medication for incarcerated persons
  • Closing the doors of a clinic, hospital, or treatment agency
  • Legislation effecting people with addiction or mental illness
  • Post-hospitalization support programs